An Elementary Guide to Buying an Exemplary Coffee Table

By Suman S | Submitted On June 28, 2016

Expert Author Suman S
Imagine a best-dressed actress without the make-up on her face, that is exactly how incomplete a living room furniture is without a coffee table. According to the familiar saying “All good things come in small packets.”, the coffee table is a small-sized multi-utilitarian piece of furniture that will never let you down. Sitting in just one corner of your room, it can serve multiple uses like storage, display and of course, adding to the decor. But when you enter the showroom or surf on the internet, you will get confused about whether to choose a wooden one or a metallic one with the glass surface? Whether round table would suit my room or I should probably go for a square one? And then you might end up buying the imperfect Coffee table. So, to be able to make your way to reaching the correct decision, check out the following considerations:

Budget estimate: Estimating the budget does not mean that you have to spend all the estimated money in buying a small coffee table. Instead, partition the total budget into fractions dedicated for decoration, display items,etc., and then spare a handsome amount for a perfect one. If you find the budget falling short, and you still can not make a purchase, then wait for some more time until you bring home a good quality center table with the bang.
Shape: If you previously determine the shape that is suitable for your room where you intend to place the coffee table, it helps a lot. You need to check whether you are going to place it in the corner of your room, then you must go for a rectangular or a square shaped one so that it fits in the corner well. And if you need to fill the space in your large living area, then a round table can look aesthetic.
Material: It all depends on the look and feel you expect your table to impart, that decides which material should be chosen as your furniture item. If you want a formal look, then walnut and cherry finish would suffice and for an informal look maple wood looks the best. For an utterly contemporary look, a glass table looks ultra-stylish. Whatever material you choose, also consider how much you intend to use this furniture item of yours.
Size and Scale: The standard size of the coffee table is 2-2.5 inches below the height of your sofa. But if you want to display your things at a good height then a tall table is also available. It is not advised to pair a dainty table with a super-bulky sofa set. Also, if your living room is looking a little cluttered, then go for buying a smaller one, to avoid over-stuffing.
Functionality: Yes, that is true that a coffee table can not be uni-functional. But before buying you’ve got to realize that what function will your center table play on the major. Whether you want it simply for displaying your delicate antiques or your photo-frames. Whether you want this furniture item to have some drawers to be able to store your magazines or important items. All these must be taken a note of at priority.
Now that you have come to terms with your budget, style, and functionality, you may proceed to bring home your quintessential piece of furniture.

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